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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Events?

Live events are a great way to boost all your resources! You can win Gems, Potions, and special Dragon Cards by participating in them. Don’t miss out!

How can I earn Gems?

At the end of each day, Billy will barf up Gems as a reward from all the gold he ate at Feeding Time, plus extra bonus Gems for each Rare Green Dragon that you’ve collected and hatched!

How can I make Billy eat more gold at Feeding Time?

You can increase your Feeding Time Power by upgrading Billy and other Rare Green Dragons who have that perk!

What are Cards used for and how do I get them?

Cards are used to upgrade your Dragons and Nests. You can earn Dragon Cards and Nest Cards through Heart Bonuses, Feeding Time rewards, completing Goals, and opening Chests. There are also Cards in the Store that change throughout the day, which you can buy with Potions!

How can I earn more Gold from my Nests?

Add Hearts to your Nests to increase how much Gold they’ll produce. You can upgrade your Dragons and Nests to produce more Gold or at a faster rate; perks for the next upgrade level will be shown on the Card! You can also watch a 30-second ad to activate the profit multiplier, which will temporarily double your Gold production from all Nests!

What are Heart Bonuses?

When adding Hearts to your Nests, you’ll receive Heart Bonuses! This multiplies the amount of Gold that your Nest is producing and it even grants you some goodies, like Dragon Cards and Potions!

How can I earn more Potions?

There are many different ways to get potions in Dreamland--the best way is by opening the Free Potions Chest which appears in the Store starting on Day 5! Potions can also be earned by completing Goals, Feeding Time rewards, opening Chests, or through Heart Bonuses when you add Hearts to your Dragon Nests. As you’re playing, the Potion Witch will visit regularly with a handful of Potions that you can receive by completing her offer! The Trade Merchant may sometimes also offer Potions in exchange for your Dragon Cards.

What is a Purple Dragon and how can I collect them?

Purple Dragons bless Dreamland with their royal magic, permanently increasing the amount of Gold produced from all of your Nests. If you’re lucky, Billy might barf up a Purple Dragon Card when he eats a lot of Gold at Feeding Time!